What We Grow


We will never grow long stem red roses. Or leather leaf fern. Or alstromeria. These dependable floristry staples are produced by industrial-scale farms and, despite the cost of shipping half way around the globe, sold at prices we could never match.

Instead, we grow flowers that are hard to find, are fussy to process and difficult to ship. Some are native species, some are deliciously fragrant, and a few glorious beauties are rarely grown, considered too short for the trade. We also grow the happy stalwarts, flowers that make bodacious bouquets affordable.

Our fields sport 40 different sweet peas from England, New Zealand and Australia, 15 rose cultivars and more than 50 dahlias, turquoise blue tweedia, thick-plumed Japanese millet and spiky castor bean.They give our designs scale, depth and whimsy not easily found elsewhere.

Here are photos of just some of the many varieties of seasonal botanicals that we grow—flowers, foliage, seedpods, and more!

We do not recommend ingesting botanicals as many are not suitable for human consumption. GUIDE TO FLOWERS TO HANDLE WITH CAUTION