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We grow more than 150 different botanicals, available to you at their peak of freshness

Wedding Flowers

For the DIY couple, choose a la carte selections or bulk flowers to suit your special day

Bouquets by subscription

Weekly seasonal bouquet CSA, fresh flowers for home or office.

Sustainable growing

We use sustainable methods to nurture healthy plants.

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We have partnered with Off The Muck to offer seasonal bouquets home delivered with other fresh local produce. We offer bulk flowers for DIY florists and hands-on brides.

What We Grow

From spring to autumn our fields are filled with an amazing array of different botanicals: flowers, foliage, and fillers. Take a look at the wide variety.

How We Grow

We use sustainable methods to build soil vitality, enrich the land with compost and biochar, and grow most of our plants from seed to bloom.



Flowers need to be fed, hydrated, and kept clean and cool to hold their color and to get maximum life from the blooms. 

The more freely they drink, the longer they will last. Avoid conditions that breed bacteria and block the stems. Main culprits include: dirty vases, crushed stems, rotting vegetation, stale water, and excess heat. When you bring flowers home, do these few simple things to keep them pretty longer. 

Make Sharp Cuts

1.  Give stems a fresh cut with a sharp cutter and put them immediately in water.

Choose a Clean Vase

2.  Use a sparkling-clean vessel to arrange the flowers (clean as a teacup!)

Strip Extra Leaves

3.  Trim off any vegetation that will be below the waterline of the vessel.

Use Fresh Water

4.  Always use fresh water or, better yet, fresh floral holding solution.

Change Water Often

5. Change the water daily. Rewash the vessel as needed for optimal cleanliness.

Avoid Heat & Fumes

6.  Keep  away from sunlight, heat, ethylene (from fruit), and exhaust fumes.

Trim Faded Blooms

7.  Regularly clip off spent blooms and remove whole stems that have faded.


8.  Rearrange the remaining flowers into a smaller vessel to freshen their final days.


We wish there was a definitive answer! Flower longevity depends on many factors and first is the nature of the flower itself. Daylilies, as the name suggests, have blooms that last a single day. These flowers can sometimes be used for special events but will not hold up for lasting arrangements. Chrysanthemums and carnations are valued because they last for weeks after harvest. Many flowers will open when harvested in bud, allowing purchasers to enjoy all the stages of opening.  But others, such as dahlias must be in full bloom when harvested as they will not open further in the vase. Flowers that are enjoyed out of water, in bouquets and wearables like corsages and boutonnières, should be expected to have a short life. Good designers select flowers to perform well for the end purpose.



Our flowers may be beautiful and grown without hazardous chemicals, but that does not mean they are “safe.” From sharp thorns to irritating sap or inedible berries, plants have evolved defenses to survive. Please be practical but cautious when handling flowers, especially around young children