I am lucky enough to call this beautiful place home. Surrounded by flowers, good friends and kind neighbors my sister and I enjoy our turn on this land, a homestead that has sheltered generations of families. Life here is quiet, in harmony with the seasons and replete with simple blessings – the ripe tomato, the fresh brown egg, a good day in the studio, workshop, kitchen or field. My joy is to share my skills, the flowers I grow, the art and craft I make. Welcome to our story! 

The Farm

Homestead circa 1940

The house sat on a country dirt road, flanked by the maple tree that still stands today. A second front door to the left was installed by a former owner, an author who found it tiresome to get up from her work to let in the cats so had the door put in by her desk for convenience.

Bought The Farm

The farm became mine on a blustery December day. The house was built in the 1830’s and had major changes in 1900 including construction of the large barn. Few vestiges of the original style were left, freeing me from the rigors of preservation, offering a canvas on which to write a new chapter.

Hard Knocks, High Hopes

It took four years to finish the house. Gutting to the studs meant endless hours of hard, dirty work and the toughness to take setback after setback in stride. But the project also offered incredible opportunities to learn new skills and know the house to its very bones.

Home Sweet Home

The house is now home to two sisters, a dog and cat, a flock of chickens and innumerable wild birds, beasts and bugs with whom we share this little parcel. Attention has turned to the land and other buildings as we enjoy the  home we’ve made and the creative life within it.

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The Sisters

Marcia Harrington

Marcia Harrington

Farmer, Designer

Marcia is the grower/designer and owner of Foster Road Farm. This enterprise is the latest chapter in a varied career that included roles in cartography, publishing, graphic design, teaching and marketing. The farm is the fulfillment of her lifelong desire to create a place of peace and beauty, a life in harmony with the seasons where creativity abounds.

Marcia has an MFA from Syracuse University, a certificate in sustainable agriculture from the Groundswell Institute in Ithaca, is a member of the Association of Specilaty Cut Flower growers and a graduate of the Flower Farming Intensive taught by nationally acclaimed Floret Farm in Washington state.

Sheila Harrington

Sheila Harrington

Organizer, Chef

After an early career in national intelligence services culminating in honors for her support role during the first Gulf War, Sheila made a profound shift toward the healing professions, working in both traditional and alternative medicine with a deeply spiritual focus. She tends the hearth of the Foster Road Farm homestead and delights in using the farm’s bounty to nourish family and friends and in sharing her knowledge with others. Sheila is often the first person you will meet at Foster Road Farm. She will offer a warm welcome to new clients and students. Sheila has a BS from Georgetown University and traveled the world before returning to Central New York’s Finger Lakes region.